Xtremevision HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs - H11 (1 Pair)

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XtremeVision AC HID Replacement Bulbs

XtremeVision Premium AC HID Replacement bulbs comes with everything you need to replace your damaged HID Bulbs. XtremeVision Premium AC HID Replacement Bulbs will provide you with the brightest visibility and safety for the road. Every bulb is fully Plug-and-Play, allowing a quick and easy installation.

The XtremeVision Difference

There are imitators of HID out there that aren’t as efficient despite their brand name. XtremeVision provides customers with the most reliable, durable, and safest HID on the market using the latest technology.

  • AC HID produces 30% more light output than DC HID

  • AC HID last 3X longer than DC HID

  • AC HID produces more lumens than DC HID

  • AC HID produces stable color and doesn’t flicker like DC HID

  • AC HID are brighter, last longer, and more reliable than DC HID

Compatible with both 35W/55W, however, ONLY with AC HID Ballast.

Compatible with AC HID Ballast ONLY, operating AC HID bulbs with a DC Ballast is NOT RECOMMENDED - Note: DC Ballast had Black/Red Wires and AC Ballast has Red/Blue Wires

XtremeVision Replacement Bulbs includes

(2) XtremeVision 35W/55W Premium AC HID Xenon Bulbs

(2) Plug and Play Wiring Harness

(2) XtremeVision 35W/55W Premium AC HID Xenon Bulbs

(2) Plug and Play Wiring Harness

XtremeVision AC HID Xenon Bulb

Xenon Gas Pill - Produce bright, high performance lighting

Quartz Glass Tube - Ensures a clear light blocking external UV rays

Factory Fitment - Water and heat resistant base laser aligned to fit OEM housing

100% Plug and Play Connector

100% Fully Plug and Play

No Modification Required

Factory Fitment

Quick and Easy Installation

Installation Tip - Reverse Polarity

If you install your HID bulb and they do not turn on, you may have a reverse polarity issues. What this means is the power and ground wires of your vehicle's stock harness are reversed. What you will have to do is rotate the oval connecter on the ballast by 180 degrees in order to reverse the orientation of the plug.

Available colors by XtremeVision
3000K: Emits a bright yellow output
4300K: Emits a bright daylight output
5000K: Emits a bright white output
6000K: Emits a light blue output
8000K: Emits a medium blue output
10000K: Emits a dark blue output
12000K: Emits a deep purple output
15000K: Emits a deep pink output
30000K: Emits a deep blue output

  • FITMENT GUIDE: Please read the fitment notes above to verify if the selected bulb size is for Low Beam, High Beam, or Foglight. Please contact us to verify bulb size if you are unsure.
  • XtremeVision Premium HID Replacement Bulbs are compatible with 35W & 55W Ballast. Compatible with most aftermarket HID Lights (Please check bulb connectors to ensure they are the same)
  • HID Replacement bulbs require HID Ballast to work. HID bulbs will not operate without a ballast. Compatible with both DC and AC HID Ballast
  • XtremeVision Bulbs includes: (2) XtremeVision Premium HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs (2) Plug and Play Wiring Harness